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Tilly and Moo is a family owned, online gift shop, which was founded by Alex in 2021.  The business was inspired by her twin girls, Matilda (Tilly) and Marnie (Moo). 

Tilly and Moo is more than just an online gift shop, it is a tale of a mother's love and hard work that began with handmade hair bows for her children. Alex started making custom bows for her daughters, Marnie and Matilda, and soon they became the talk of school. The demand grew, and requests for unique bows from parents poured in. Alex finally made the brave decision to take the leap and turn her passion into a business.


As the business has grown, Alex has been joined by her sister, Joni.  Both share a passion for all things creative. Together, they have created a unique online shop that offers beautiful, handcrafted gifts for all occasions. Their product range has expanded over the years and they now offer a wide selection of unique gifts, prints, and hair accessories. Their love for York inspires them to create beautiful items that reflect the magic of their hometown. Shop with Tilly and Moo today and make your gift extra special.


Tilly and Moo
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