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About Us

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Tilly and Moo is very much a family run business.  The business was set up by Alex in 2021. It was inspired by her twin girls, Matilda (Tilly) and Marnie (Moo).  Alex started making hand made hair bows for her girls.  Both Marnie and Matilda would help pick and choose the designs and loved to show them off to their friends at school.

More and more people asked Alex to create different hair bows for their own children.  As the volume of requests increased, she decided to make the brave decision to leave her job and start a new business, Tilly and Moo.

Tilly and Marnie Moo still play a huge part in the business and help choose fabrics and designs for the hair bows and yes, they still love to wear these to school to show their friends.

As the business has grown, Alex has now been joined by her sister, Joni.  Joni is a keen runner and she loves all things York related (the City where they both grew up and now live).

Together they have expanded the range of products and Tilly and Moo now create a wide selection of unique gifts, prints and hair accessories.

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